Education and Training

Shaping the next generation of liver specialists

While contributing to the field through innovative research and compassionate patient care, physician-scientists in the Stravitz-Sanyal Institute are also dedicated educators. Our team is proud to work directly with students, residents and fellows to prepare them for robust, successful medical careers.

Trainees in our programs learn and work alongside world-class liver specialists to gain comprehensive clinical and research experience in gastroenterology, transplant hepatology and transplant surgery.

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Gastroenterology Fellowship

The Department of Internal Medicine offers two distinct tracks in its gastroenterology fellowship: a traditional three-year program designed to train fellows for clinical and academic practice, and a transplant hepatology track for fellows to satisfy requirements for both gastroenterology and transplant hepatology board examinations over three years.

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Transplant Hepatology Fellowship

VCU’s one-year transplant hepatology fellowship offers ambulatory and inpatient rotations, research opportunities and scholarly activities such as a weekly liver histology conference, journal club and liver transplant patient selection committee. The program is intended for those who have already completed a three-year gastroenterology fellowship.

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Transplant Surgery Fellowship

Hosted by VCU’s Department of Surgery, the transplant surgery fellowship provides extensive, hands-on clinical training in liver, kidney and pancreatic transplantation. Fellows work on a team of surgeons, transplant hepatologists and transplant nephrologists to gain experience in live donor transplantation with particular emphasis on robotic, minimally invasive procedures.

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Why Apply for a Fellowship at VCU

  • You want to make breakthroughs in liver and metabolic health; you’ll find that the Stravitz-Sanyal Institute for Liver Disease and Metabolic Health is your home for revolutionizing liver care and transforming people’s lives worldwide.
  • You’ll find the support you need all in one place through our integrated infrastructure.
  • You can ask a different set of questions here—the kind that transforms lives—of the innovators that surround you.
  • What you can research will not be limited by inadequate databases, facilities, or technology.
  • You’ll spend less time searching for funding and more time studying what interests you and focusing on building the skills you need to advance your career.
  • Your mentors will be the world’s leading experts in liver and metabolic health, from steatotic liver disease to hepatitis C to metabolic syndrome.
  • You’ll have access to multiple career pathways: basic science, education and clinical care as well as collaborations across disciplines.
  • With the right support, you can revolutionize your career path—and liver care worldwide.

    Join our revolution.