We are at the forefront of developing new treatments and therapies to stop, prevent and reverse liver disease

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With a patient-centered approach, the Stravitz-Sanyal Institute will transform lives through translational science. Our team of highly specialized physician-scientists conducts cutting-edge investigations through bench research and clinical trials across a broad spectrum of diseases and conditions related to the liver.

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As the institute grows, our next step is to apply gene manipulation therapy, a modern medical breakthrough, to bedside treatment for the liver without invasive surgery or medication. This advancement will have immediate benefits to patients here in the Richmond area and impact how we understand and treat the liver worldwide.

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Undiagnosed Cirrhosis in Veterans With Dementia

1 of 10 veterans diagnosed with dementia may instead have cognitive decline from cirrhosis.

It can be difficult for physicians to differentiate dementia from the cognitive decline caused by hepatic encephalopathy. If undetected, patients may not receive appropriate treatment that can reverse or halt the impairment. In JAMA Network Open, Jasmohan Bajaj, M.D., reports on the prevalence and risk factors of undiagnosed cirrhosis and potential encephalopathy in veterans with dementia. The results showed that as many as 10% of older U.S. veterans diagnosed with dementia may suffer instead from this reversible cognitive decline.

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